Orchadia was a lighted mobile designed to function individually or in groups. A masterful adaptation of a large piece of pure artwork, Orchadia blurred the line between art and design.

Orchadia was a follow-up to the artwork of the same name created by Rodger Stevens and Mark McKenna. The product version of Orchadia was smaller and more robust, but still exudes the magic of the original. We were pleased to be awarded the Best New Product award for the August 2007 New York International Gift Fair.

As one of the first projects on which I worked while at mmckenna I was involved in every stage of it's development. In helping convert the original artwork to product I aided in the design of the PCB forms, arrangement and assembly. Being a small and very hands-on studio I also worked to develop the packaging, graphics and included instructions.

Team: Mark McKenna, Alexander Loa, Amina Chidiac & Andrew Pick